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Your body language and the words you use have an incredible impact on the below conscious processes and expectations of your listeners and determine what they decide about you and what you have to offer. Don’t let body language or delivery betray you, and learn how to master the hidden power of words. You will discover how to establish your credibility in all circumstances. You will understand how you unintentionally trigger resistance or skepticism and will learn how to trigger interest and curiosity instead. You will know how to defuse objections before they are even expressed, and you will know how to respond elegantly and masterfully when they are. You will know how to remain at all times the master of the process. And all this while establishing a special bond with your audience. This book is an easy read, very practical, and full of real life examples taken from the author's 30 years' experience in the field. In short, this book will definitely help you boost your platform charisma and will significantly increase your influencing and persuasion skills to get the results you really want.